netshape is a versatile command-line tool designed to build interactive, browser-based, and deployable visualizations of networks. This enables a more collaborative and more informative visualization process.

With netshape, a network edgelist is turned into a web-ready interactive visualization with just one command, and we can view that visualization with just a few more:

> netshape build AwesomeNetwork.csv
> cd dist
> netshape server
> echo "let the visualization begin"

Netshape is also highly configurable and hackable; it supports custom commands, which enables the development of complex visualization pipelines.

Key Features

Web-ready visualization:
Building and sharing visualizations of networks can help convey complex or technical properties of a network to non-technical users. netshape enables the instantanious sharing of these visualizations.
Flexible configuration:
netshape commands are configured through a netshape_conf.py file, which is just a python file. This means that any normal python code can be included or imported in you visualization pipeline.


Before installing, ensure that python is installed on your computer, and is at least version 2.7.


Once the dependencies have been installed, in order to install netshape, simply run:

> git clone https://github.com/m-smith/netshape
> cd netshape
> make install

Contributing / Testing

Some rudimentary tests have been written, though many more could be made. Any contribution to this project is highly appreciated.

In order to run the existing tests, just use: make test from the project root